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Wholesale Terms & Conditions 


How to order


Placing an order

3 different ways to place an order





  • Pay with card on our website

  • Pay with card through Paypal invoice link, or Stripe link when ordering by email or by phone call

  • Pay with check when ordering by email or by phone call

  • Peer to peer payment app (Cashapp, Paypal)




No minimum order quantity

Shipping and handling 


Cost of shipping 


Cost of shipping is free and covered by courtesy of Stunt


  • Each product is shipped concealed within a plastic clothing bag that has a sticker on the outside of the bag detailing size of  garment 

  • 3 cm w x 2.25 cm h Stunt woven label sewn left side hem of garment 

  • 1.41 in w x 1.57 in h Stunt satin label sewn on inner hem 

  • 2.16 in w x 4.72 in h Stunt hang tag


Lead time


Up to 16 days on regular orders. Pre-orders placed during January 2023 will arrive by February 25th 2023.




Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in small batches by our partner in Guangzhou, China.


All orders are eligible for returns within 90 days upon product delivery.

Stunt is an athleisure brand. Providing best-selling product to North American retailers by establishing long-lasting relationships through consistent and reliable lead times.

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